Siku Terex Backhoe Loader

The Siku Backhoe Loader is a 1:50 scale toy model of the real Terex backhoe digger.

This is both a fantastically desirable display piece as well as a wonderfully accurate toy digger.

The chassis, tractor unit, bucket, boom and stick are all die-cast metal. Only the cab and some smaller parts are made of plastic, whilst the tyres are made from a very durable rubber compound.

Terex Backhoe Loader CabSiku’s Backhoe Loader is realistically styled with great detail. Even the interior of the cab is highly detailed with an impressively accurate steering wheel and dashboard.

Siku Terex Digger Boom and StickThe overall paint application is second to none in terms of quality and durability. The paint details of the Terex decals and safety warning stickers are amazing. The quality of the Siku paint finish means that these toy diggers will not suffer chipped paintwork unless really thrown about onto a hard surface.

As for playability, the Terex Backhoe Loader has many moving parts. The boom, stick and bucket of the backhoe all pivot very satisfactorily on their toy hydraulic rams. The entire backhoe arm can be swung through 180 degrees at the back of the digger. The front loader moves through approximately 45 degrees, from just above the roof of the cab to flat down on the ground.

Siku Backhoe Loader WheelsThe wheels are free-wheeling on axles that run through the chassis. Though the stabilizer legs are fixed, a welcome surprise are the wing mirrors which can be swung out or folded in. It should be pointed out that there is no access to position a driver inside the backhoe as the doors are moulded as part of the cab.

This toy backhoe is licensed by the NYSE listed Terex corporation. Terex was originally a spin off division of General Motors who came up with the name by combining the latin words terra (earth) and rex (king). Terex make a range of backhoes on which the Siku toy is based including the 970 Elite, 980 Elite, TLB 840 and the mighty TLB890, the most productive digger in its class.

Overall, the Terex Backhoe Loader 3531 by Siku Toys is an outstanding 1:50 scale model.

Siku Backhoe Loader

Siku Hydraulic Excavator

The Volvo EC290 Hydraulic Excavator is a 1:50 scale model by Siku Toys.

Anyone looking for a detailed accurate scale model of a tracked giant excavator should look no further.
Volvo Hydraulic Excavator by Siku Toys
German toy engineers Siku specialize in die-cast vehicles. The Volvo Excavator is made almost exclusively of solid die-cast components expertly riveted or screwed together. Plastic is only used for the glass in the cab and the hydraulic hoses.

The tracks are made of rubber belts that turn very realistically when the excavator is pushed along. What’s more the tracks do not come off the guide wheels easily as they are engineered with an inner groove.

Toy Hydraulic Excavator by SikuThe entire cab rotates through 360 degrees above the track frame. The boom can be moved up to a vertical position. The excavator arm and digging bucket both pivot through roughly 90 degrees.

The great degree of movement means the Siku Hydraulic Excavator can be positioned just about any way you choose. This makes it, as with Siku’s other models, suitable for both play and display.

Toy Digger Cab and DriverThis digger even has its own driver in blue overalls sat looking out of the cab. He is no doubt admiring the quality Siku design and engineering and the immaculate and durable paint finish.

Detailed, rugged and great fun, the Siku Volvo EC 290 Hydraulic Excavator would make a satisfying addition to any collection of toy diggers.

Siku Mobile Excavator

The Siku Mobile Excavator is a 1:87 scale die-cast model.

Toy ExcavatorConsidering its relatively small scale, this little digger, made under license from Volvo, is packed with detail and features.

Mobile Excavator 1887 is made almost entirely of die-cast metal parts. Unlike the larger scale excavators by Siku the cab is made of plastic though has tremendous moulded details such as a windscreen wiper, steering column and even driver’s controls.

The tyres are moulded rubber. Each wheel moves independently so that when pushed along this toy mobile excavator really motors along.

The cab has full 360 degree rotation and the boom, arm and bucket all pivot very well.
Excavator Toy
What makes this a very special little toy excavator are two welcome extra features.

Volvo Mobile ExcavatorThe dozer blade at the front pivots up and down. Plus, the stabilizer arms fold right down to ground level and back up to each side of the counterweight.

At 1:87 scale the Siku Mobile Excavator has the same proportions as your average ‘matchbox’ size toy vehicle. What sets it apart are the attention to detail and the many moving parts.
Volvo Mobile Excavator Toy by Siku