Siku Mobile Excavator

The Siku Mobile Excavator is a 1:87 scale die-cast model.

Toy ExcavatorConsidering its relatively small scale, this little digger, made under license from Volvo, is packed with detail and features.

Mobile Excavator 1887 is made almost entirely of die-cast metal parts. Unlike the larger scale excavators by Siku the cab is made of plastic though has tremendous moulded details such as a windscreen wiper, steering column and even driver’s controls.

The tyres are moulded rubber. Each wheel moves independently so that when pushed along this toy mobile excavator really motors along.

The cab has full 360 degree rotation and the boom, arm and bucket all pivot very well.
Excavator Toy
What makes this a very special little toy excavator are two welcome extra features.

Volvo Mobile ExcavatorThe dozer blade at the front pivots up and down. Plus, the stabilizer arms fold right down to ground level and back up to each side of the counterweight.

At 1:87 scale the Siku Mobile Excavator has the same proportions as your average ‘matchbox’ size toy vehicle. What sets it apart are the attention to detail and the many moving parts.
Volvo Mobile Excavator Toy by Siku