Digger Theme Parks

Digger worlds, digger lands and digger theme parks are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK as the rush for digger fun, digger adventure and digger days out takes hold.

DiggerlandDiggerland is the UK’s largest digger theme park. Most people searching for digger world or diggerworld are actually looking for Digger Land or Diggerland.

Diggerland have four seperate digger parks. They are located at:-

  • Langley Park in County Durham
  • Castleford in West Yorkshire
  • Strood in Kent
  • Verbeer Manor in Collompton, Devon

At this giant JCB park you can:-

  • Ride on digger plant including mini diggers and excavators
  • Have a go at driving various types of construction machinery including dumper trucks and diggers
  • Learn about the diggers on display from fully trained instructors
  • Race JCB diggers and dumpers
  • Enjoy a JCB Experience with a trained instructor including a safety talk and practical session

Other rides at Digger Land include ‘Spindizzy’ where kids can ride in the scoop of a digger and the Diggerland Train which is pulled by a dumper truck. There are also more interactive activities such as ‘Dippy Ducks’ where you have to operate a JCB with a lifting attachment to hook a duck from a pond and ‘Skittles’ where you use a wrecking ball to demolish giant skittles.

Note that some of the Diggerland parks close in the off season. Children must be at least 3 years old to ride on the machinery and over 5 to drive the machines.

If you are looking for digger fun, digger adventure or digger days out the Diggerland digger park is without doubt the most spectacular and amazing digger world theme park in the UK.

Other UK digger theme parks:-

  • At Legoland in Windsor children can safely have fun operating a JCB digger simulator. The digger simulator has its own cab with controls just like the real thing. By operating the levers the ‘job’ is to scoop up plastic balls from one section and tip them in another. Legoland also has the ‘Digger Challenge’ in association with JCB. To win the challenge both children and parents can perform a series of tasks behind the controls of a real JCB digger.
  • Paultons Theme Park in Ower near Southampton is not a dedicated digger park but does have its own ‘Digger Ride’ attraction. This fun digger day out gives younger children the opportunity to ride unaccompanied on a mini JCB digger which is guided on rails around a ‘real’ construction site.
  • Deeside Activity Park near Aboyne in Scotland has a ‘Digger Manoeuvres’ experience with an opportunity to drive an 8.5 tonne backhoe loader with a trained instructor.
  • At the Treasure Park near Redruth in Cornwall there is a chance to operate both real and miniature mechanical diggers in the ‘Gold Diggers’ and ‘Treasure Hunt’ attractions. After a treasure hunt around the park kids use the mini sand diggers to dig for buried treasure.
  • Wood Park Off-Road at New Moat in Pembrokeshire offer ‘Recreational JCB Driving’. You must be at least ten years of age to have a go at driving a JCB with the help of a qualified instructor.

Remember that at any digger world adventure, digger land or digger theme park safety is the most important thing. This is not the usual family day out and its only fair to point out that accidents are not unknown. Always ensure that you and any children in your supervision follow the correct safety procedures at all times.