The mission of diggertoys.co.uk is quite simple.

We’d like to be the best site about toy diggers anywhere on the world wide web.

Oh, and did we mention that we’d also like to be considered, in a small way, a useful source of information about real diggers?

The site came about because the editor’s son’s first love in toys was diggers. He used to say “Dada I want diggertoys!”

As there was no site dedicated to the subject, in the pioneering spirit of the internet, we set about making our own.

Almost all the diggers you will see on these pages have been thoroughly road tested through many hours of play.

The first version of the site was knocked up on Microsoft Frontpage and survived from 2006 until 2014 when finally it was switched over to the much easier Content Management System that is WordPress.

We hope you like the latest version, and continue to enjoy finding out about toy diggers and real diggers.