Diggers on TV

We’re lucky there are several famous TV diggers. It almost seems like TV producers feel they can’t broadcast a new kids show without at least one digger-inspired character!

Perhaps the most famous TV digger of all is Scoop. Scoop the Digger is a backhoe loader and leader of Bob the Builder’s machine team. Scoop the iconic TV digger can occasionally be found sharing the limelight with Benny, a kind of tracked minidigger with claw-bucket.

The Scoop the Digger toy is made by Born to Play. Born to Play’s Scoop is friction powered. Friction power is a nice feature as with a little push the digger whirrs along making a satisfying mechanical noise. Scoop also features a working backhoe and moving front loader. He even has stabilizers that you can put down before he gets digging.

Scoop the Digger Die-Cast ToyScoop can also be found in a much smaller die-cast version by Learning Curve. The die-cast Scoop also has a working front loader and backhoe. This toy digger comes with a rubble heap accessory that cleverly attaches to the front loader’s hidden magnet.

Alfie the ExcavatorThomas the Tank Engine features several diggers. Terence the bulldozer, Jack the tractor and Alfie the wheeled excavator are all very useful to Miss Jenny and Sir Topam Hat. These can be found in both wooden and die-cast metal versions.

Tractors and Farm Diggers are well represented with the BBC’s Tractor Tom, ITV’s Little Red Tractor and Farmer Pickles’ Travis from Bob the Builder.

As a result there are now a huge array of licensed digger toys to choose from.